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Welcome to our website dedicated to helping those who are suffering from chronic pain caused by TMJ. Our goal is to help inform you - the client - about what TMJ is, and how this may be your ailment, even if you are not aware what it is.

Throughout this site, you will find extensive and very valuable information that will inform and educate you about this overlooked syndrome.

As the saying goes: Information is Power, and we are hoping to empower you to determine whether TMJ may be your condition.

As a fully licensed and certified Dental Practitioner servicing Walkerville, Windsor, Tecumseh and surrounding areas, we also offer information and solutions for Braces and Jaw Orthopedics and Sleep Apnea. Spend some time going through the plethora of information and solutions that are offered here. Don't hesitate to come back as often as you wish, as we are continuously adding more great information to assist people such as yourself.

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